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For long, SAP has focused on creating truly outstanding of-the-breed undertaking ERP applications. Nonetheless, with the coming of data-intensive concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT) or Big Data, SAP settled on a vital choice to put resources into building up its own particular database. This was on account of database turned into a basic factor and SAP needed to kill conditions on Oracle, Microsoft and, other database sellers. HANA is an in-memory yet a dependable database which joins the best of both section and line based database engineering. It has numerous propelled highlights like replication, programmed failover component and superior performance which numerous ventures take a gander at having.

In spite of the fact that numerous organizations running on ECC have just relocated to SAP HANA as their database, clearly S/4 would require HANA as its database. Because of the inborn contrast in database engineering, S/4 HANA has numerous rearrangements both regarding information models and functionality crosswise over modules. In this article, we would take a gander at the progressions from the coordination’s point of view.

Innovation in SAP Simple Logistics

Master Data

The primary level of progress identifies with the master information. The general thought is that with HANA, SAP could endeavor a more gigantic handling but give better execution.

1. Client Master:

The entire point of view of overseeing customer and vendor master in S/4 is by utilizing the business accomplice approach. Henceforth the customary exchange codes like XD01, XD02, XD03 or VD01, VD02, VD03 are repetitive in S/4. Comparable is the situation for XK01, XK02, XD03 and MK01, MK02 and MK03. Consequently, the undertaking relocating to S/4 must guarantee that they properly analyses this and utilize SAP S/4 HANA transformation pre-checks.

2. Material Master:

The greatest single change in the Material Master is that the material number field has been reached out up to 40 characters. This was before 18 characters in ECC. Henceforth a venture with different frameworks in scene trading material information must consider. Aside from this there are couple of more changes in S/4 HANA.

1. Foreign exchange fields in material master isn't accessible. Global Trade Service (GTS) is the prescribed arrangement.

2. Material compose SERV has been presented in S/4 HANA for benefit materials.

3. Product Catalog usefulness isn't supported. SAP prescribes utilizing Hybris as the proposed functionality.

4. Logistics batch management functionality have new transaction codes – MSC1N, MSC2N, MSC3N, MSC4N.

Transactional Data:

Having taken a look at the master information, let us take a gander at the transaction information. Once more, SAP could evacuate numerous tables out of sight. It additionally requires that the client moves to the new measurement items like SAP CRM and FSCM among others.

a. Sales Activity – The Sales Support work (SD-CAS) is never again upheld in S/4 HANA. SAP proposes SAP CRM or SAP Cloud for client as the prescribed arrangement.

b. Billing Output Management – The whole NAST based yield control has been adjusted to BRF+ usefulness together with yield assurance. BRF+ functionality doesn't support the accompanying transmission mediums. Subsequently in the event that you are utilizing any of these mediums in ECC, you may need to reevaluate your solution.

T – Tasks
A – Distribution (ALE)
8 – Special Functions
9 – Events

c. SD Rebate Processing – The SD rebate usefulness has been supplanted by Settlement Management. Subsequently exchange VBO1 and VB (D are not any more accessible in S/4 HANA.

d. Data Model Changes – In the accompanying zone the information models have been simplified or changed.

1. Pricing – Instead of putting away costs in KONV table, it is exchanged to PRCD_ELEMENTS.
2. Status tables – VBUK and VBUP tables have been wiped out and they have been moved to comparing header and detail tables (illustration VBAK and VBAP).
3. Numerous index tables like VAKPA, VAPMA, VLKPA, VLPMA, VRKPA, VRPMA have been eliminated.
4. Repetitive tables like VBOX for Rebates and Logistics Information System table like S066, S067 have been eliminated.

e. Credit Management – Credit Management has been stopped from S/4 HANA and prescribed arrangement is FSCM.

SAP Simple Logistics: Supply Chain Management

In S/4 HANA framework, Supply Chain Management process is separated into various steps, out of which few stages are executed by S/4 HANA parts and others by SCM part. SAP S/4 HANA and SCM framework is incorporated together to plan and Core Interface is utilized for combination. Following procedures can be performed by utilizing the parts in Supply Chain Management:

1. Demand Planning (DP).
2. Supply Network Planning (SNP).
3. Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS).
4. Global Available-to-Promise (ATP) Check.
5. Transport Planning/Vehicle Scheduling (TP/VS)

Demand Planning

You can utilize request wanting to design future interest for particular clients, regions, or sales organizations. Request planning enables you to gauge future requests and you can make both quantity-based and value-based plans. You characterize the planning level utilizing attributes in the framework. All the planning information in demand planning is put away as key figures and it contains a numerical esteem. Utilizing time attributes, you can view, plan, and store the information. Authentic information is imported to SAP Net Weaver BW arrangement of SCM with the utilization of BW extractors.

Different numerical techniques can be utilized to break down verifiable information for demand planning.

1. Moving average
2. Constant model
3. Trend demonstrate
4. Seasonal model
5. Exponential smoothing

In breaking down verifiable information, you can utilize different steady models for items with historical data that progressions minimal after some time.


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